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Fuel Ventures has invested in the world's top technology startups since its founding in 2014. With its strong global track record and unique investment insight, Fuel Ventures has successfully invested in over 140 companies and is ranked among the top 10 early-stage technology venture capital organizations in the UK. Our team is led by successful entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of investment experience and more than $3 billion in total exits under their belts.


The London-based Venture Capital fund, launched a lab center to serve as a launchpad for selected portfolio companies to enter the SE Asia market.

The lab center will serve as a hub for the company's seven portfolio companies, providing them with the resources they need to drive growth and expand their reach in the Southeast Asia market.

The lab center will be built around a unique joint venture model, where Fuel Ventures will partner with its portfolio companies and local Singaporean investors to support their growth and innovation efforts. This collaborative approach will allow the companies to leverage Fuel Venture's extensive network, resources, and expertise while retaining their independence.

The lab center is expected to provide the necessary resources and support to help these companies establish a strong presence in the region and achieve their growth goals. The funding will be used for business development, technology localization, IP transfer, etc.


Fuel Ventures uses a venture-building strategy, meaning that it builds up start-ups operationally. We invest in what we think are the most ambitious companies in sectors such as marketplaces, platforms, and software (SaaS). Then, we use our extensive network, resources, and team to scale up the company.


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Center Launch

Recently, Fuel Ventures held an exclusive panel event to gain insights into startup journeys, GTM strategies, funding, and innovation. Speakers and panelists explored investment trends, major players, and challenges while initiating Fuel Ventures Asia.

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