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Our Portfolio

Working With the Best

At Fuel Ventures, we are all about driving innovation and growth by working together. After thorough market research, we believe a few portfolio companies have the potential to make revolutionary changes in the Southeast Asia market.

holoride logo

Holoride is the world's first to revolutionize automotive entertainment systems through leading-edge autonomous driving and virtual reality technologies.

antobot logo

Antobot is a robotics company specialising in the development of control hardware and software for intelligent mobile robots, with solutions tailored for applications in the agricultural industry.

TG0 logo

TG0 develops sensing technology to produce 3-dimensional, intuitive controls without electronic sensors, using artificial intelligence.

arbolus logo

Arbolus is a global expert sharing platform that provides innovative solutions for solving complex problems and accessing expertise by connecting professionals and clients around the world.

shift logo

Shift is a single platform that
aggregates capacity across tens of thousands of delivery and moving drivers, creating an efficiently optimised and low-cost route.

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