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"Building a Sustainable Tech Future" Event Video

Fuel Ventures, the visionary venture capital pioneer from the UK, has taken a monumental step towards a global tech revolution. Introducing Fuel Ventures Asia!

On 3 July, we marked a historic moment with the Europe-Asia Technology Summit in Singapore. The summit united trailblazers like Singapore's EDB, Zhongguancun International Holdings, IFIM at the National University of Singapore, Franklin Medici Group, and the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. Together, we delved into investment trends, market strategies, financing, and innovation - shaping the future of tech.

Dive into the insights, excitement, and groundbreaking discussions that unfolded at the summit. Our video captures the energy, ideas, and connections that will drive a thriving tech ecosystem between Asia and Europe.

We are honoured to have Mark Pearson, Jingjing Xu, Kaijie Ng, Augustus Xu, Dr. Geqi, Fu Kui, Sam Glasswell, Howard Wu, Jacob C., Boris Hodakel, to our interview.


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