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2024 London Tech Week: Fuel Ventures Asia Managing Director Jingjing Xu co-hosted a panel talk with the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre

We are delighted to share that our Managing Director, Jingjing Xu, represented Fuel Ventures Asia as a speaker at London Tech Week 2024 on 10th June. Our esteemed Partner, Jingjing Xu joined Professor Bill Roscoe and Dr. Bangdao Chen in exploring innovative strategies to achieve carbon neutrality through blockchain technology.

Our keynote focused on the critical global challenges of carbon emission data transparency, the need for effective environmental technologies, and the importance of green finance in driving sustainable practices.

We emphasised three strategic paths for blockchain to promote carbon neutrality: Enhancing Transparency and Building Credibility: Utilising blockchain's immutable ledger to ensure accurate carbon data reporting and verification; Integrating Environmental Technologies: Leveraging advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions and optimise energy consumption; Developing Green Finance Mechanisms: Guiding capital flow towards sustainable projects and creating incentives for broader participation in carbon reduction efforts.

Jing shared her insights about the green economy financing issue: despite recent record investments in the new energy sector, achieving carbon neutrality requires substantial investments for a green transition. Current investments only account for 16% of the expected amount, with China being the largest investor.

London Tech Week is a premier international tech event, bringing together global tech leaders, innovators, and investors to explore cutting-edge solutions to the world's most pressing environmental challenges. Fuel Ventures Asia is honoured to contribute to this dialogue, showcasing the vital role of venture capital in fostering technological advancements that drive meaningful change.

Let's innovate for a sustainable tomorrow! 🚀


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