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ZGC Group & Fuel Ventures Deepen Cooperation to Jointly Promote Technological Innovation and Global Development

It was a great pleasure to welcome the Chairman of ZGC Group Mr. Jinfeng Pan, and senior team members to visit our Singapore office. The meeting was highly productive and laid the groundwork for extensive future cooperation.

Jingjing Xu, our Managing Director, engaged in meaningful discussions with representatives of the ZGC Group. We discussed our strategic investment philosophy and the vibrant startup ecosystems we support, as well as ZGC's current investments and collaborations. During the meeting, we also discussed Fuel Ventures Asia's development and partnership opportunities. 

Chairman Mr. Jinfeng Pan expressed strong recognition and optimism for Fuel Ventures' future. He outlined ZGC's key objectives: aiding foreign companies in entering China, assisting Chinese companies in global expansion, and facilitating international mergers and acquisitions. Singapore's strategic importance as a global hub was also acknowledged.

Looking ahead, we have identified four key areas for cooperation and have plans for mutual visits to the UK and Beijing.

In the past few years, ZGC Group has provided us with tremendous support, for which we are deeply grateful. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and are committed to fostering innovation and growth globally.


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